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About The Madam Lady Metaphysics

In a nutshell, we introduce entrepreneurs and business professionals to the exciting world of numbers, planets, and the visual combination of the two. These tools are more affectionately known as Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot.

Helping you use the tools for yourself whether it be in your own business or personal life should you choose to. We created this space with the hope of demystifying the idea that suggests these spiritual gifts are evil or cannot be taken seriously as tools for self-development and personal growth.

Yes. It is true. These practices can be used for entertainment. However, there are vast majority of us in this community who use them for the very purpose of creating our best selves.

If you are curious, but not yet sure if you want to invest the energy, we encourage you to click the button below and take advantage of our FREE VIDEO REPORT, An Introduction into the Unknown: Exposing the Truth About Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot.

If you already know the deal and are ready to take your knowledge to the next level, then

I promise you will not be disappointed.


About Savorian

«I am a Pisces Sun, Aries Moon, Sagittarius Rising…I AM the nurturing laughter so vibrant and full of fire!»

I am also the creator behind Madam Lady Metaphysics. Welcome to my vortex. I live in Northern California where I spend my days learning, growing, and practicing living my best life. I am the Mother of three gorgeously amazing young ladies who chose me to accompany them on their journey of life. They are my WHY.

What Is

Simply put, Astrology is the study of the connection between the planets with the events that take place on Earth. We use it to…
  • Develop Your Personality
  • Analyze Possible Challenges
  • Make Preparation for the Future
  • Gain Greater Awareness and Clarity in Life
  • Offer Suggestions in Relationships and Business
  • Provide Support During Personal Transformation

We offer several different types of charts with the purpose of helping you divine your life.

Click the button below to get yours now!


Astrology Charts &Reports

Helping support you during times of personal transformation

Tarotscope Readings

Insightful energy check-ins on your growth and development journey

1-on-1 Discovery Sessions

Planning sessions to get started using what you know

Workshops & Events

Come learn and grow with us. Happenings that will leave you feeling inspired for growth

And so much more…

Expressions on the Understanding of the Stars, the Planets, and YOU.

Receive a FREE Birth Chart and Report or a 3-month Transit Report when your Schedule a Discovery Planning Session.