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Improve Your Business and Your Life With The Shamanic Spiritual Soul System Numerology, Astrology, and Tarot. A Science to help you develop, grow, and expand your business and personal life. Develop Your Spiritual Soul System Reading Skills
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A Spiritual Soul System for the Awakened and Inspired Entrepreneur Use the knowledge of numbers, our connection to the Earth and the visual arts of the two to develop, grow, and expand your business and life.

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Welcome to Madam Lady Metaphysics. A place where those who enjoy the Science behind life
come to study the self and evolve to greater level of awareness. Tell me, where are
you on your journey of self discovery?

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There is magical meaning in the cards! Check out the readings we offer!

Here at Madam Lady Metaphysics, our main focus is assisting you on a road to self discovery to improve your life in any area you desire. These tools can help you get clarity on the energies that may be showing up in your life . We don’t focus on predicting your life . We aim for showing you where growth can be obtained for greater joy and bliss. 


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I had my reading done and it was on point!! She is such a positive, straight forward and loving spirit! If you’re serious about your transformation and doing what it takes to walk in your destiny, reach out to her! It will be worth it!

Absolutely amazing is the best way I could describe Savorian! Her passion for her work is outstanding and the pride she takes in providing you the most accurate information is very commendable! Reaching out to Madam Lady was the best decision that I made!!


My visit with the Madam Lady Metaphysics was very spontaneous but nonetheless intriguing. She’s well versed in tarot and astrology. I definitely recommend you give her a try!


Dawn Merrick
Raquel Beverly
Los Angeles
Kanesha Harper

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Power of the Mind in Health and Healing

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